10 to 25 LEADS PER DAY

Want to grow your business using Internet marketing? These 4 tips will help merge Internet Marketing with your Network Marketing Business Faster!

Most Network Marketers turn to the Internet because they run out of their warm market. Their friends and family run the other way when they see you and the fear of rejection from your cold market makes you almost want to quit.

So when a person learns that they can use the Internet to build their network marketing business they begin to get excited and instantly start imagining themselves on stage with a big check at their company event.

Then they start trying all of these marketing strategies only to realize that there is a huge learning curve when it comes to online marketing!

Because I want to help you avoid the common mistakes that most internet marketers face especially when it comes to generating leads and converting them into customers of your network marketing business, I have 4 tips for you!

1) Identify Opportunity Keywords: You must figure out what type of person you want in your business. Think about the things a person would search for if they are looking for an opportunity. Then you must create content around those keywords that expresses why your opportunity is the right choice for them.

2. Have All The Answers: Always remember that people are always researching your company and looking for answers. You want to be the person that they see that has all of the answers. Make sure you create content answering all the questions that other people may have about your company that includes a call to action for them to reach you. Make sure you include a phone number to allow them to reach you.

3. Drive Traffic To Your Content: When you learn how to use the internet to drive traffic, this allows you to get your content out to more people! The more people who see your content daily the better chance you have to get more people onto your team. This will help you attract leaders into your organization!

4. Train Your Team To Fish: You must teach your team or interested prospects to do exactly what you are doing to get traffic and leads. Most people are afraid because they don’t know how they are going to get results, the second you master duplication your business will explode!

These tips will help you grow your business and allow you to maximize the results that internet marketing can bring to your network marketing business!

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